An Open Letter from a Girl to a Guy


Hello, Copper D.W. here and I actually have been inspired by some of the feed on my Pinterest account which leads up to what I am going to be writing for you today.

Today’s topic or my piece of MERAKI Advice is a little thing called romance. Ok, so before I start I’d like to first point out that I am female, (just in case some of you weren’t sure) and I would like to tell you the little story of what I was doing to get to this point.

I was on Pinterest scrolling through my feed and I saw a Pin about a girl asking what it’s like in a guy’s mind. That got me thinking because just the other day I was talking to an old Childhood friend asking me the same question, and they ended up using Wikipedia or something, while I am (internally) banging my head thinking things like ‘WHY? Out of all the sites online, why Wiki?’. Either way I kept looking and being a person who’s always interested in how others think and what drives them, I decided that I will write an open letter to my fellow guys who may want to get a sneak peak into a female’s mind if there are none, in your area, or such in such. Ok, here we go.


An Open Letter from a Girl to A Guy by; Copper D.W.

Dear fellow Guys,

I understand that girls can sometimes seem as a different species. With all the emotional complexity and female body language cues that seem to have plenty of unspoken reasons according to the internet. Let me tell you one thing, girls are not as complicated as guys.

Like any person of any sexual orientation, we have emotions, feelings, hormones that sometimes we can wear too easily on out sleeves. Girls like to fart, burp, punch and compete just like any guy. As a society, we have become known for being a sensitive crybaby that needs saving. But this is incorrect. We are not all emotions and hormones, and most of the people who consider themselves of female orientation think this stereotype needs to be refurbished, to say the least. For example, the male stereotype is supposed to be all tough and brawny, with little emotion and nothing to say that doesn’t sound confident.

Guys we all know this stereotype is a lie. Ok, there may be those couple of people that you see that have these kinds of features but seriously, the majority of good looking guys that my and my gal-friends talk about aren’t even these types. (and if you are, I also have nothing against you).

According to the media, a girl wants a buff dude who has it all, but in reality, these fantasies of ‘perfect men’ are not only disassociated with but it almost seems to be the opposite. I have heard a good gal friend of mine saying that people who look overly buff like in those Axe ads are pretty darn scary. (Again no offense to really buff dudes).


Top 6 Things a Girls Would Want You to Know:

  1. Be nice for the sake of being nice: Not someone pretending to be nice but like a genuinely nice guy. A lot of guys generally assume that being nice won’t get the ladies. This is a total lie. If you really want to get the ladies, just be genuinely nice, and you will actually make some new gal-friends that are real and not just a one night stand.
  2. Be real: I kind of already addressed that, but to girls, fake guys are guys we don’t even want to deal with. I remember my old friend telling me that ‘Fake guys’ aren’t worth it and though I sometimes have to disagree, this is generally what seems to happen.
  3. Being Sensitive is Okay: It actually can make you seem more genuine and likable, at least to people of female orientation.
  4. Muscles don’t matter: In the ideal world dudes with muscles, just have muscles, personally, I couldn’t care less, however like any person will have their types.
  5. Talk to us: I feel there is a lot of stigma around guys talking to girls for advice when they aren’t dating. I personally think this is dumb, but you’ll be the judge of that. I do know however that most girls like to talk. So if you want to strike up a nonchalant conversation with them that is greatly appreciated
  6. And lastly Girls are weird: Now before you judge me and say in the comments or something about feminism, just first hear me out. Anyone that is different from yourself, you will consider weird or different. Therefore according to this idea, women are weird to men and men are weird to women. So I’m just saying, yes girls can be seen as moody at times (including guys, so I’m not cutting you that much slack) however if you get to know the person well enough, this can be looked past.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that girls only seem weird when you don’t quite understand them, but once you start asking around, getting different girls opinions on things, it is really only then when you can make a decision of whether they’re weird or not. Girls are only weird if you don’t understand them, and the same goes for guys or really anyone of any orientation. If you don’t understand them, try to. I think it’s safe to come to the assumption of ‘If you didn’t try it, how do you know you don’t like it?’

Good luck to all the guys out there. Like anything in life women are a rollercoaster with some interesting add-ons, however, we are just as wonderful and just as normal as guys.

I hope you may have gained a little information, and remember to take any advice with a grain of salt because seriously this is only one girl’s opinion.

Chat soon, sincerely

Copper D.W.


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