The Vial of Love. To… Un-Love

blue  vial

The Vial of Love. To… un-love. by: Copper D.W.

“I hate to love.” She said to Noah. “Love just confuses you, trips up your mind from thinking logically. It basically is a drug that takes hold of you and never let’s go.” That’s why I’m trying to get rid of it, for the better of mankind.”

“Haven’t you ever loved?” Noah said hands tied behind his head.

“Oh yes, my friend I’ve loved before. I know what I’m up against.” She started to mix her concoctions on her lab bench, bent over in her studies.

Noah, shifted awkwardly to one side to attempt to achieve comfort but failed only to find himself in a more uncomfortable state.

“But don’t you understand Brittney? Love can be good! Love can be great! Brittney, listen to me, I love you.”

She cringed at that thought, pouring her concoction in a small vial the rest dissipating in smoke and held it up to him.

“You see this Noah? This little vial can cure our illness, and you need to take this. Immediately”

“I won’t do it I swear won’t.”

“You don’t have much of a choice,” Brittney said in a cool voice.

“What are you going to do? Force feed me? I’ll spit it right out!’

“Sure you will, but as soon as this touches your tongue it will sink into your bloodstream and that would be that.”

“You can’t do this to me, I love you and you love me!”

Brittney stared at him with a blank face.

“You took it?” Noah shouted at her. “You took that stupid piece of shit?! Why would you do that, I thought you loved me?!” Brittney looked down at her feet.

“This little vial will cure over a million of people of this disease.”

Now infatuated with anger. “You said you loved me! We kissed on the terrace! You said yes to our marriage!”

“I did say that and I’ll never stop loving you,” Brittney said in a soft voice.

“So you didn’t take it? Oh, Brittney tell me you didn’t!’

“Oh no, sweets I did. Love is just a word to me now, it has not emotional attachment. I’d throw you off a cliff with no second thought if I had to.”

“You didn’t mean that.”

“Oh but sadly I do.”

“Brittney, listen to me, you can find a reversal, you’re the brightest mind in the entire country!”

“And Noah, who says I want to do that?”

“Brittney, didn’t you love me?”

“Yes, I already told you this.”

“So why are you doing this to me, what did I do? I can change! I can fix whatever it is! Just don’t do this to me.”

“Me? Why would I do this to you? I’m not doing this to you. I’m leaving this vial here on the table, you can drink it if you want. If you don’t then you won’t. I’m not the keeper of your destiny. You can help the others heal their sickness too, for I’m done. I can’t be a part of this anymore.” Brittney started to leave.

‘Wait, you can’t just leave me here. You know. You know what I’ll do”

“I know, and you won’t be here forever” Brittney just looks at her watch, “Yep in no time at all” she started to walk away but then turned around and looked at him.

“Just promise me, Noah, promise me one thing. Promise me that you will not destroy that concoction. That vial.”

‘Why wouldn’t I? Your life is ruined because of it” Brittney just smiled to herself sadly.

‘Fine. Don’t keep it, but trust me you’re going to need it.’ She picks up her gun on the shelf and weighs it in her hand

“What are you doing with that?”

Brittney this time didn’t look up.

“Stopping you before it really starts.” And with that, she left and then silence. Silence and the bubbling of a bubbling brew.

BANG! The gun had fired and Noah knew what she had done. And with that, the cuffs holding him unclicked and he was face to face with the little blue vial.

“Blue. Why blue?”

Noah then grabbed a hammer and swung the metal stick towards the vial. But something stopped him. A thought, maybe, and he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Noah stopped mid swing and gently put the hammer down, slipping the vial into his pocket. Brittney’s voice echoed in hie head You’ll be needing this. She always had her reasons, so he kept it.


She had her reason, I did trust her, but this time I wasn’t so sure. As I left the laboratory I turned away from the gun sound to leave in the opposite direction. The last thing I needed was another devastating image in my head.

And with that, I left.

I didn’t look back. I just couldn’t.

Years passed and I tried my best not to think about the instant. I tried not to think about it at all. I tried to forget, but you see my friends, Brittney was one step ahead of the game. She knew that this epidemic was on the way and she didn’t listen to anyone who’d try to stop her. So here I am. I’m here to help and we are all here to end this disease and here is the vial. We can finally put an end to this. Something we should have done from the start.

Background Information:

The disease is something of a neurological epidemic that for some reason infects the ability to love and destroys the person from the inside to out. By not being able to love, or by taking this emotion away entirely the epidemic can not spread and infect you.


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