Oh Honey, Shut up and Drive


Oh Honey, Shut up and Drive: The Hamster Wheel in my mind by: Copper D.W.

Hello everyone, Copper D.W. here. Today you’ll be looking in my mind and it will be about the double-edged feeling of inner emotions. So like any over stimulated brain I wrote both sides of my mental argument (so normal right?). Either way, here we go:

Ok Honey Shut up and Drive (-ve)
Yea okay, I get that you’re totally into your friend but here’s some of my own personal advice to you. And this is coming from me, out of all people. Just don’t check your phone every like 30 seconds to see if he texted you back because he probably didn’t. Stay as logical as you can. I understand that emotions are all a party and everything, but there needs to be a balance. Also if you really want to talk to him about it then just do it. Seriously get it over with him.
How? May you ask? Well, to be honest, I have no idea, but you’ll know that you’ll regret that over the years. Also, you know the butterflies in your stomach? Kill them. Because seriously you are not ready to have a boyfriend especially when there are only two months left of school. He’s busy with all his work while you don’t really have any school work at all. You’re not ready. You’re not ready… I’m not ready.
Ok Honey Shut up and Drive (+ve)
Honey, I know you’re having a rough time, I know you like your friend, but honey, that’s okay. You may say you’re not ready, but if you spent your whole life to be ready, you’d never do anything. Honey, you’re ready. Promise me this. Promise me you’ll tell him, at least once and directly. Promise me just that. In person. Good now please, be easy on yourself. You know you’ve been struggling this year, and don’t start to bring other people into this because you know your worth. It’s not the circumstance it’s the people, for the same water that softens the potatoes boils the eggs.
We are all different and honey just ask. There’s no better time than the present and you’ve been waiting so long. Enjoy a little piece of happiness, just for me, just for once? Let down your guard for just a second, a moment even. Just let him know and take it from there because he knows that from the beginning you have always been there for him, and you know that you would have put your feelings aside if he decided to date one of your good friends.
I find it funny, though. Your romance of him started when you realized what it was like without him.
Just do your best and that’s all you can ever do. Shine bright, live life, no regrets.
Copper D.W.

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