Just a Slip

slippery ice

‘Just a Slip’ by; Copper D.W.

“I was in a pretty bad mood that day. I just missed my bus and I was frigid cold with the merciless wind that continued to whip across my already numb face. I was done with school, done with friends, just done with everything. My girlfriend just dumped me, and I was now shuffling home, trying not to slip on the slick icy pavement, which in my opinion was in much need of a sand or salt job.

I attempted to punch something but chickened out last minute because last time I broke some of my fingers.

‘Stupid brick wall’ I muttered to myself while trying to figure out why the damn girl dumped me. She wasn’t even all that great, she didn’t even look too pretty, but I was forced to go out with her because apparently she was some angel of a girl, who just happened to be Christian and was perfect according to my father.

I was really mad. Really pissed too, but I didn’t know why. I guess I was just mad at the world for feeling emotions.

‘Don’t cry I tell myself’ as a quickly wipe the hot tears off my cheeks. Crying just made me angry and I tried to quicken my pace past some bundled up dude waiting for the bus. He seemed to glance up at me. His eyes familiar and cold. Sitting there. Judging me. I couldn’t bare it anymore. I started to run, but I didn’t get very far.

I was only at a quick canter when I lost my footing on the under salted sidewalk and  slipped hard on the ice. All I really remember is a bone crushing thwack of my head hitting the frozen payment and a sense of pain shooting down my spine.

I was told that I wove in and out of consciousness until the ambulance arrived. That I was crying and yelling and muttering things that no man should ever say. They wouldn’t tell me what I said and I kept asking why, but they kept ignoring me saying there were much more important things to focus on, like my mental wellness, and physical prowess whatever that’s supposed to mean. After waking up in a white dress, in a white room, hooked up to a white machine while burning white fluorescent lighting continued to punch me in the eyes, I couldn’t help but start viciously swearing. Anyways I had to redeem my manhood and the white dress and then the female nurse who ran in was not helping my cause.

I was yelling and swearing so much that the nurse, who I later was told was actually an intern put some kind of sleeping sedative in my iv tube as a last resort. That shut me up, and I was dopey for the rest of that night.

My mom apparently came in to see me several times that night, while my dad refused to come at all. The only reason my mom was able to lure him inside, I was told was because he thought they were going to order take out and he wanted something to eat.

I’m not surprised, I guess hospital food is worth a trip from the car.

Either way that night was a blur and that’s all I remember, well was told and remembered and that’s all there is to say.” As I looked up I saw Dr. Frank writing something down on his ridiculously white paper and clipboard.

“Does everything have to be so white in here?” I mumbled. Dr. Frank just raised one of his eyebrows for a moment then continued writing.

“Alright, that is all William, we are done for today. “Wil,” I said. “You can call me Wil.” “Alright William you can leave now,” and me rolling my eyes wheeled myself out of the dump room. Half-way down the hall, I heard a snicker.

“Well congratulations ‘William’ you officially are the most idiotic kid around.” I internally sighed as I wheeled around to face the owner of that voice. My father. “You know you could be nicer to someone who almost got paralyzed,” I said coldly.

My father just shrugged. “You’d be better to me paralyzed than in a stinking wheelchair with tons of medications and exercises we have to follow.” I stared at him, anger starting to swell up in my throat. I opened my mouth to make some kind of witty remark, but my father just kept on going. “You know what ‘William’? I thought the worst part was that Tiffany, that angel of a girl dumped you. We both knew that she was way out of your league.”

“Ok, she was no angel of a”-. “The worst thing is not even that you were crying like a baby. And you know you were. Crying like a baby because an angel dumped a cow.”

“I was not cry-” but he just smirked and kept going, while my blood was starting to boil. “The worst thing out of all those dumb ass things you did two nights ago was none of that other dumb shit that you did further proving to me you’re even less of a man is that a girl had to save your sorry butt from a little slip on the ice.”

I had enough. “It was no little slip! I’m in a damn wheelchair!” I yelled, blood boiling. My father seemed to like this reaction and just ignored me and continued to talk. I started to wheel myself down the hall I had enough.

“You know what that stupid girl saved your life and you know the best part?” I was trying not to listen, I was just trying to focus on getting out of this hallway. “She wouldn’t even damn tell anyone what you were muttering about when you were practically dead!” And with that, I was gone. I was finally able to get out of that hallway and into the elevator where my room was 11 floors up.

Once the doors closed I just sat there. Up all the 11 floors up. Angry, upset, pissed and just so emotionally and physically drained that all I could do was think.

Think about how dumb the elevator music was but mostly about what my father said and who this girl was.


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