And I will Hide


And I will Hide‘ by; Copper D.W.

I wish to hide from the realities turmoil and stupidity

I’d love to hide and run away, at least for the moment.

To be a hermit, and just completely disappear, for a day or two,

Only to come back at full strength and be ready to take on the world again.


How stupid our arguments can be about.

How indeedly stupid the entire predicament can play out.

The word stupid does not even suffice.

In a reality where the selfish beat out the selfless, there seems little hope.

In a society where simple empathic manners are so easily ignored, there seems little hope.

In a world where one seems oblivious to everything except their own problems. I see little hope.

Therefore I will hide.

I will hide in some crook of a tree, far away from all of the stupidity of humanity,

possibly bringing one or two people, if they’d let me to share my journey.

But I am in the illusion of a perfect society, a tribe if you will where stupidity does not flourish.

Reality is here, and it is meant to break through all facades.

For no one can tell you the real deal, except yourself, and being told stupid petty things creating arguments is honestly not in my interest.

Thus I will wait, it is almost over, and soon a new flower will be in bloom.

Thus I will wait, and in the sun’s power, I hope it comes fairly soon.


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