Media; Blessing or Curse?


Hello Everyone, Copper D.W. here.

In class we have been discussing the use of media and whether or not it is a blessing or a curse, so in response to that, here are my thoughts.

So… How is media both a “blessing and a curse” in your life?

During my lifetime, media has become a part of everyday life and has become accepted as a norm in today’s society. Media has become such a formality and yet it’s very much a double edged sword. I suppose it depends on how you the media is used, and what is being portrayed, however it seems that media is more commonly used to display a biased view and opinion to gain the ‘numbers’ rather than to unite. I suppose that’s what media is and used for, to divide and conquer but I personally find there needs to be a balance in anything, media included. In a sense, media can be seen as a blessing, for if used appropriately, we, as a society can see what other people’s views are on the world, and how, if we decide to agree with the piece we can adapt our way of living or views to a more open-minded society. In addition media can alert us of things we may or may not be aware of, or what we know very little of. This definitely can help us, as humans, expand our stream of consciousness and further evolve through thinking, learning and even through compassion. When used appropriately and honestly media can evidently be used to inform us on others and life opinions it itself. There is an issue however. As mentioned before media, seems to divide us more so than bring us together in a more open view and accepting society. The way that I have seen media used too commonly today would be through biased information, in the extreme and there is no room for personal judgement. When looking at a media piece, for example and Axe body spray ad, you get this impression that if you want to get girls you have to get their product. Same with Pantene, nail polish, makeup and so forth. The new conception of how to use media effectively is to show the viewer that if you do whatever the as is telling you (this could, be buying, donating, selling, and so on. In most cases having to do with money) and you would get satisfaction by doing so. In a society where you are either right or wrong, it is often forgotten that there is always a grey area in between. Society has become divided in either yes or no and the media artists has used this new thought process to their advantage. For media can be beneficial when put into appropriate context, however media can be just as good when it has more of a negative connotation. You can learn from something out of everything, for I’ve been told that you learn more when you fail than you ever do when you succeed. When looking at media with a less open-minded idea, it is the people who are the most open minded and the most subjective who actually learn from the media piece. It is the people who can make their own decisions without relying on others to make their decision for them who learn from the piece. Learning something as simple as if you agree or disagree with the media, or having some kind of philosophical epiphany, the problem is not with the media, it is with the people who choose to accept that media is fact and not an angle of some higher producer. In this sense, in acknowledging humans co-dependent nature the knowledge in media is a double-edged sword, however the problem is not the media. The problem is the people.

Yours Truly,

Copper D.W.


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