A Pinch of Positivity


Hello, Copper D.W here!!

I have a little story to tell, don’t worry it’s a positive one, an epiphany almost. Ok so here’s the story.

I was talking to a really good friend weeks ago, and she has been so amazingly supportive and I seem to never be able to give her enough credit. A while ago we were sitting outside our school and we were talking about things, me with my philosophical questions and occasional awkward humour and with her, talking about her favourite things. We started talking about one of her favourite kinds of TV shows, Anime and I  accidentally insulted her in one way or another about her favourite genre. (It’s a genre right?) Either way, she said something that, at the moment I thought just pertained to the situation, which I know realize pertains to everything. She said:”I know that it doesn’t always make sense, but if you look for the good things, it is actually a really good show.”

I wasn’t thinking back then really about this comment, and for almost two weeks I didn’t think twice or even at all about what she said, until now. If you translate some of the words, the idea stays the same but the topic becomes more broad and meaningful. If you change the words from ‘it’ to ‘life’ and ‘show’ to ‘world’ the this is what the message would be: “I know that [life] doesn’t always make sense, but if you look at the good things, it is actually a really good [world].” Ok, so now before you start telling me that you can’t only accept the good and completely ignore the bad, which I know is true, but it is still true the other way around.

Talking to my friend for literally a 20 min conversation, 2 weeks later made me realize that, the world may seem all big and scary, but when you’re down, don’t look at the bad things, look at the good, because it’s the good things that you should really focus on. Of course, this is all in theory because you can never completely ignore that bad, and if you watch the news as much as I do, well then you’ll think that the world is a pretty awful place.

But what I learned in this conversation is that look for happiness in the little things, and that the world seems a little more bearable. I know this seem like a bit of a stretch from the original advice, however, the meaning is generally the same.

So this post is basically a Reminder. The world may seem that it is full of awful and terrible things, but if you look at the little things, little pinches of positivity throughout your day and your life, you can realize, if just for a moment that the world isn’t that bad, and its how you look at the situation where you can really see yourself and your true colours.


Thank’s friends,

Copper D.W.




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