An Open Letter to People who Struggle with Power


Hello, Readers, Copper D.W. here!

I apologize for not clarifying in the title what my definition of ‘power’ was. My definition would be someone, like a boss or a parent who has control over you politically, emotionally, financially and so forth. Let me remind you that life is never easy, there will always be those one or two people who just seem to have everything handed to them and given all the privileges.

I’m not trying to devalue their worth, however, there will always be those people depending on the onlooker’s perception. Still, this is not my focus. My focus will an open letter to all these people who struggle with their people with power. Your work buddies that never appreciate you, your parents who think you have no worth, your bosses that look at you as a number and so forth. So let’s begin:


Dear Friend,

Life is never hard, it’s always hard, and for some reason, you seem to have gotten the brunt of it all. “Why?” you may be asking “why me?” and in reality only heaven knows. I know that ever since I was young (for I was adopted and suffered from severe anger, anxiety, and depression) that why do others seem to have such an easier life in comparison. I have read many spiritual theories about soul groups and we pick our circumstance and I have heard the most scientific explanations possible. But still in the end, no matter what you are going through, it never helps to have someone say ‘Someone else has it a lot worse’ or that ‘you picked this life now you have to deal with it’ (and yes I have been told both).

I know you may have been having this power struggle since you were a young child or it is just a new predicament that formed from a new job or field of study you have entered. And you feel, in simple terms lost, uprooted from the world and felt as if you were thrown into the water where you needed your roots to be on earth. Sometimes it feels that way, and trust me some things will never get easier. But some things will.

I have learned that people who struggle the most and learn to overcome the challenge are generally the kindest and forgiving people I know because they know what it’s like to feel worthless and to feel like nothing.

I know your life may suck now, but if you keep going, keep pushing ahead, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. There are always going to be distractions, imitations of the true ending light, which end up being fireflies leading you to a dead end, but listen here:

Life is worth living.

Life will get better.

You will eventually find the right people who you can be real with.

And one of my favourite quotes from an anonymous writer: “If you don’t like where you are move, you are not a tree.”

You can always leave the situation. Always, always, always. I’m not saying this is easy, for it is never ever easy leaving something familiar, but if you are young, you’ll eventually grow older and you can leave. If you have a bad boss, terrible co-workers you can transfer, you can leave. Life will give you your ups and downs but, you are a beautiful human being and don’t let your spirits be crushed by someone who doesn’t even know you. For only you know you, and what is for you best. You are in control of your life, and you are just as powerful as they are.

Stay true to who you are.

Never compromise on your values.

Be resilient, for even the persistence of water can wash away stone,


Copper D.W.


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