The Effort of a Love Song


“The Effort of a Love Song” by Copper D.W.

As the morning rain trickles through the screened window I simply smile to myself.

Being a summer morning, the fresh cool air, and sweet chilled breeze tickles my senses in a wondrous way.

As I watch the rain drip through the screen of my window and collect at the frame, I do not go to wipe it up.

The water begins pooling, creating rivers and lakes around the crystals that sit beside the windows edge.

What beauty.

As I see the water wash the dirt and dust that has collected onto my window frame and trickle onto the wooden floor, I contemplate whether or not I should get a towel.

I don’t.

As a normal one would imagine the warping of the new wood floor, I just sit and watch in fascination as the rain continues to invite more and more streams into my humble abode.

I smile to myself at the dripping of the water, the pitter patter of the rain, the robins singing their love songs.

Love Songs.

The robins remind me of my own love songs.

The way they sing in the rain reminds me of the joys I’ve had in tears, both happy and sad celebrating the life I have made and been given.

I sing my own little love songs, and the birds pause to listen, only to return the call in their sweet exuberant voices.

Love Songs.

The water continues to puddle and pool on the wooden floor, and as a normal one would reach for a sheet, I continue to watch in fascination.

I know what it’s like to wait, time after time again, to be silently in love when it seems no one appreciates its beauty.

The water worked hard to get noticed, to trickle through the screen.

Drip by drip it leaks into my room, pulling itself apart to get through the cracks,

But the wonderful thing about water is that it is never completely broken.

As I watch the drips congregate at the sill they reanneal to form a pool of water, I smile to myself.

They are not restricted to the situation the are given, for they understand the need to evolve to get through this harsh and sometimes restrictive world,

However, they don’t lose sight of what it important to themselves or who they really are.

So as I watch the streams flood my room, I contentedly watch and admire the rains ability, for I appreciate its effort,

The effort of its love song.


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