An Open Letter to the Victim of my Stupidity


Gossip dies when it hits a wise man’s ears – Unknown

Hey Everyone Copper D.W. here!

Ok, so today’s post is on rumors, and how my stupidity of allowing them to take hold has become a ticket to unnecessary drama and total anxiety.

So I assume you have at least once been involved in a situation where a rumor is said either by you or another and someone else hears it, or have been somehow affected by a rumor in some kind of way.

I am human. I make mistakes, and sadly my inability to choose the correct people to talk to has made my life more complicated than needed be. I made a mistake in trusting someone with information only to have this person, on a personal angry rant tell the others parts of what I had said in an incomplete and out of context explanation. This letter is for the victim of my stupidity and, I am sure that most of you can relate.


Dear Victim of my Stupidity,

I apologize deeply of what you have heard and the way that the information has come to you. I have never had any sense of regret this year, for I take my decisions I make with pride, but I must say that I deeply regret how things came to be. You are my best friend and I know we have recently struggled, but I assure you that what I said was not out of spite or anger.

I am an idiot to talk to someone about issues that I have not yet understood how they function, and it is in my naive nature to understand that not everyone has the same morals as I do. I am deeply sorry about what you heard and how you came about to hear it, I take that as a fault of my own, and regret it.

Like I would not share any of your personal information, I will not share her’s even though she seemed to have little hardships when it came to revealing my own. I am a proud woman and stick to my morals and integrity in all diversity and I am sticking to my word and that is it. I am telling you this for I know there is probably gaps that are missing in your understanding of what is going on, but personally, I must respect the boundaries given to me even though the strict boundaries by my colleague has gone unheard.

I wish to let you know that I am terribly sorry and that the information that was given to you was either false of with a negative connotation that I wished not to bring up in that sort of manner. I indeed was going to try to talk to you the very next day to clear up some personal discrepancies and I am terribly sorry that the news came to you from another’s mouth, or more so via electronics vs my own.

I am sorry and want you to know that I have nothing against you, and what you heard was out of context or false in ways that I hope to later today clear up. I apologize for naiveness and what I assume was a rude awakening on my part.

I am sure to learn from my mistakes, yet I hope that our friendship can make it through intact during this mistake I brought upon myself. I am terribly sorry how things came to be and though I can not undo the past, I can only hope to fix the future. For what is said is said, what is done can’t be helped but it is what you do afterwards that determines the outcome.


Copper D.W.


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