MERAKI: The Real Me!

Hey everyone, Copper D.W. here!

today I just wanted to do a little introduction to myself. You see if you have previously read my contact page (which I now have changed) and bio it says my name is Copper D.W. and admittedly says that it’s an alias, because that’s what it is, an alias!

But I finally got tired of the work in-between of working under an alias. (who knew, am I right J.K. Rowling?) After getting banned from Facebook under my alias’ name (I know smart right?) and several other fun jazz, I decided that I might as well take credit for my work, spelling errors and all!

So this is me! : My name is Sonja P.


Throwing away all veils, this is me, and this is who I am!

Welcome to the world of internet, and I hope you continue to read my blog posts and I’ll try really hard to not skip a week! 🙂

Awesome Sox!

Copper D.W. aka, Sonja P. 🙂


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