Letting Go


Through the turmoil of life, we align ourselves with fellow supporters, allies and friends to lead us on the path we have chosen to our brightest desires. However, when these desires change, life changes, or people change, our internal compass leads us towards a new direction, which sometimes makes you reevaluate your past choices, move forward and sometimes leave behind the people that you previously thought you could not lift without.

During my life, I’ve experienced a lot of trauma at an early age, through birth to preteens and even till today I have experienced, loss, abandonment, distress and so forth, something that a newborn child should not have to deal with. Still I believe that it is the people who have the hardest beginnings, the people who have looked death in the eye and overcame the devil, are the kindest and most generous people you have ever met, for they know what it’s like to feel worthless, and they don’t want anyone else to feel this way.

I find that these kinds of people always have and will struggle with anxiety, depression, etc, etc but these are the people, the ones who overcame their challenges, especially at a young age, are the children and teens that are the most mature, in the sense of their understanding abstract concepts such as emotion and loss.

Throughout time, as a human race, we have faced thousands of devastations that have made people question and wonder, ‘is this really the end?’ and yet here we are still standing moving full throttle ahead. I remember talking to my grandfather about when he was a child, the milk was brought to his house from the horse and buggy, but when the buggy turned into, you had to go fetch your own milk from the local superstore, there was huge fuss, yet we all got used to it and now it seems more abnormal to have a milk carriage bring you your milk to your house versus going to the store to pick it up yourself.

As a human, and writing to my fellow humans, nothing is set in stone, nothing is guaranteed, nothing is forever, and as a species, we keep moving forward, no matter how much resistance we always seem to be moving forward. Through the Industrial Revolution, to the current day. It seems to the younger generation that having a handheld device is a thing of forever, but in reality it really only became popular and accessible within the last 20 years.

Nothing is forever. People change. Ideal’s change. Life changes. And who are we to tell the world to slow down.

In life, as people, as individuals, there will be people who you build together forming your own support to enter into your life and to explore it when times come to it. There is this idea that there are ‘best friends forever’, for as a child the abbreviation “BFF” is standard, almost mandatory in childhood development, in reality, how many of you still have friends, and I mean close friends from high school, middle school or even elementary school? I am aware that many of you will be expectations to my theory, it is quite natural for people to move away from their old peers as they continue to start a new chapter of their lives. It’s completely normal to distance yourself from old peers, even forget about them or consciously decide that you no longer what them in your life. Change, though sad, is an adventure, and all adventures are what you make out of them. In life, you will have your challenges, but it is always wonderful, sometimes even necessary to have a support system composed of friends, family, colleagues that will help you on your journey not hinder you.

Choices that you have made when you were in high school, the people you hung out with, as an adult you probably wouldn’t have chosen to do the same thing if given a chance in the same scenario. And the people who you surround yourself with, will most likely not be composed of the same types of people.

Though change can be hard, it is necessary and essential for growth and learning. The reason why we as a human race have been able to succeed so immensely is because of our quick adaptability. It is through trial and error where we learn what works and what doesn’t and it is through change where we have learned to soar with the changing winds versus being drawn in by the galloping waves.

Change is scary, Change is strong, Change can hurt, But change is necessary for learning and mandatory for growing up.

As beings of light and love, as long as we keep a fire within our hearts, we will never go cold.

Sonja P.


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