Growing, Accepting

There comes a time when you have had enough and the shell you used to protect yourself falls away. In turn, you feel lighter, happier and free.

This year has been a pretty upbeat and busy year, with many ups and downs both emotionally, mentally and physically. In life, it seems that everything happens all at once or nothing happens at all. It is a pretty interesting topic, but that is not what I’ll be writing about today. There comes a time when you feel hurt, beaten down, downtrodden and you feel as if you are confined to a cage that does not enable you to even stretch yourself out. his period in your life (or periods, for there are many) seems like a lonely bottomless pit. Some of us decide to dwell in the darkness, to swim around in circles, only to relive the tragedy in their mind, only to fall further and further. In turn, there are some of us that want to move on, we want to move forward, we want to be free from the chains that bind us to this person or situation, yet we still seem to be treading the water in the darkness. It is hard, I admit this myself, to move forward, for sometimes you have been deeply wounded, emotionally, mentally or physically. But rest assured the light is on its way.

I once read this amazing quote (see above) by Sandra Kring being “The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, struggle to reach the light” and this is very true. I was once told that ‘challenges either make or break you,’ and though I don’t necessarily like the wording of this  message, the way I interpret it, may be more beneficial than the hardcore black and white; you do or you don’t. I see this message as challenges, well they’re called challenges for a reason, if they were easy then they would be called, well they’d called easy. Challenges help us grow as people. I find that we generally need time to really understand, feel, and contemplate what actually just happened and it is then afterwards that we are ready to move on. It is then and only then where we can accept what happened and move forward. I once remember being told that time heals all, but in reality time does not, acceptance does. I feel that challenges, challenge your perspective on life, they challenge your beliefs, your desires, your needs and they make you reconsider everything that you have known to be familiar. In turn it is not challenges make or break you, it is not you win or you lose, it is simply personal growth. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for people to accept and move on. Some as fast as couple of weeks to a month, others to years then decades. We, as humans are not on a race to be better faster, we are simply on our own journey, whatever that may be, to find the ultimate goal of happiness, and self fulfilment.

There is a very interesting science experiment done with plants where a seed when placed in a pot covered with soil, watered and left to grow will always grow to the top of the pot. You may be thinking yes of course why wouldn’t they, but let me continue. No matter what way the seed was put in (for there is a top of the seed where the plant grows out from) if the seed was upside down, sideways, growing on a pot that was flipped over or turned to the side, the seed would always grow towards the sky. So you may bethinking, well yes towards the sun, but keep in mind that these experiments were done in darkness. Do you know why the seeds consistently grew upwards? Gravity. Plants are aware of the earths natural pull and in turn they have developed with mother earth to grow their roots downwards, in turn growing their stems and leaves upwards. They all have a natural pull in complete darkness to do what is necessary to move forward.

In turn if the plant is to be grown in space (i.e. on a space aircraft) still having oxygen, water and soil, no light and this time no gravity, the plant will still grow but would be directionless, for it has no point of gravity to use as its compass. However if you brought the space plant down to earth, the gravity would then be present and the plant would then grow upwards.

My point to this is that sometimes you are not on the earth, it can feel as if you are lost in the darkness of a whole, or the abyss of space, but like the tiny seed, you can still grow, you can still live your life.

No matter how long it takes you to find your centre of gravity, you’ll still grow as a person, and sometimes growth is really all that matters.

Space is growth. Gravity  is acceptance.

Yours truly,


Sonja P.

(a.k.a. Copper D.W.)



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