I Can’t and I’ll Try

‘I Can’t and I’ll Try’ by; Sonja P. aka Copper D.W.


Ok, you so like him, you know you do-

Stop, don’t listen,

Thought you know how to

No don’t give in, to something greater than you

You can’t so you won’t so just let it be.


I’m not in denial,

I know it’s true, but I can’t and I won’t try to be with you

And as far as I’ll care you’ll never know,

As I battle in my head to not tell and not show

I’m in on my own, and I’d have it no other way,

For this is to real to be.


I think I’ve been fighting myself for so long,

To a point where I question if I’m actually wrong

Cuz if you believe yourself of your own little lies

Well, it has been working for years, though I have really tried.


Either way, on however wording I say

it isn’t set in the stars, and I’d have it no other way

So if no one knows, and if you never find out

I’m sorry for lying.


It’s not that I don’t care, for I care quite a lot

It’s not that I don’t like you, for heaven’s it’s not.

But I’m not going to risk something I treasure to the core

To have it replaced, by something, something no more


I really do like you but like a cold winters sigh,

I realize that I’m not the girl with your eye,

And as the mist disappears from your foggy breath of discern,

I’ll try to move on with little concern.


Still, all in all, I wish it really could be,

Yet I’m still too afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve,

But as I attempt to derail the cage in my mind,

I realize all in all you will never be mine.


That all I know, not where to go but he will never be mine


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