Spiritual: An Intro


Hey, Everyone!

This new category is called ‘Spiritual’, where I’ll be basically talking about my own views, thoughts, and opinions on spirituality. In this category, I’ll be talking about things like, intuition, empathy, energy, etc. so for the people that are into that, then Yay! 🙂

If this is not what you really want to read, then that’s totally awesome too! And to make things easier you, whenever I will post about this kind of stuff, these topics will not leak into my other blog posts. So if you still want to read my blog, but want to stay away from these topics, I can assure you that everything in spirituality will stay in spirituality. Still however, the way the website format I’m using works, the most recent blog post will always be at the top, and I can’t really change that, so if this bothers you, I recommend just going straight to the category you want to on the side of the page, or scroll past it.

I really want MERAKIWRITING BLOG to be an all inclusive, open minded, free space to read and not be judged, so though I am well aware that I cannot please everyone, I’d just like to remind everyone that I am doing my very best to keep this kind of community up.


Sonja P. (a.k.a. Copper D.W.)




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