When You’re on a Budget and it’s the Holidays; What Really Matters


“Just around the corner is a new day. Just around the corner is a gift. We never know what’s around the corner, but if you never decide to make a decision, you’d be stuck in the corn maze for quite some time.” ~Sonja P.

Making decisions is hard, especially when everything these days has a pretty large price tag attached to it. Maybe you could afford it before but just recently you can no longer afford what you could before, or maybe you have been always in the situation where you needed to penny pinch. You see, the holidays have always been a very commercial season that promotes physical objects and ideals but more so in the recent years I have found that the emphasis has increased from being something widely accepted to being something almost mandatory.

I personally celebrate Christmas, though I am not involved in the Catholic or Protestant faith, more so it is something my family and I have always done, with more emphasis on family and spending time together, then the religious background behind it.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because, I admit that only last year I was very insistent on gifts, paying lots of money for family gifts and as embarrassing as it is, expecting big gifts too. But something is different this year. Maybe it’s because it has been the first year I have been away from my family for more than a 3 months or if it’s because I started realizing how expensive everything was, when I realized that I’d rather be with my family for Christmas than to get a bunch of expensive things, shipped to my dorm room for the Holidays.

I find that there is this trend, through really anyone of any gender, race or religion, is that as we grow up, and as we realize we need to penny pinch, as we realize that being alone in a room all by yourself, is when we realize that being together is more important than gifts.

I know this sounds utterly cliche, but it is true. It is always the people that have grown up, the people that reflect on their lives where they wish they enjoyed being a child more, spending time with their friends and family, where they realize that the most important things are not material objects but being together whenever we can, giving each other respect, love, patience, and understanding. The Holidays shouldn’t be the only time when you appreciate your family, you should appreciate your family all year all month all day.

Oh, and in terms of being on a budget, I have moved on getting meaningful gifts over overpriced and shiny/flashy gifts, because again if there’s anything that I can gift, it would be more memories that we can share for years to come.

I Wish you all a Happy Holidays and if you celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays,

Sonja P.


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