Questioning Reality


“Questioning Reality” by; Sonja P.

By: Sonja Peters

Questioning reality is quite difficult really. For to do so you have to pull yourself out of all societal conforms, out of all of your inner awareness, out of everything you think and thought to be. Nonetheless, it is quite exhilarating.

It is boring to think that you are confined to what you know, from what we are told, what we are forced to study. Why should we conform to a world that seems so utterly sparing in the desire for individuality? What makes one person right while the other wrong? What makes science explicable and anything otherwise myth? What exactly makes science tangible, while the naturally occurring yet unexplained folklore? For didn’t we make up science? Didn’t we create rules placing things into categories amongst categories, in order to make sense in a senseless kind of world?

We have created many laws for what is and what is not, knocking down ideas that, though previously accepted, are on the brink of extinction. For many, sadly with a closed mind and judgmental heart, there is only one right way and that one way is their way, otherwise it is not a way at all. In reality, this is not true. But what exactly is reality? Is it the laws we have made up? Or is it the perspective that we give it? For reality is different in comparison to persons and though we may come to some vague consensual agreement, it is no clearer than oiled water in a sea of pollution; because we too made that, or did we make that up?

Deciphering what is and what is not, at first seems a simple task. Even for the brightest minds the first and uttermost conclusion we reach is the reality of what we know, what is widely accepted, what is physical. Still, you are only limited to your own mind and the mind, if you let it, will not conform in ways society would like. We, as human beings all have individuality that is slowly washed out in the laundry of societal constraints. But we are not a victim. We are not that lonely t-shirt that has no choice but to actively be thrown into the wash by a mere accident or under another’s power. We choose to be a part of the wash. We choose to be a part of the society that we so helplessly desire to be a part of, subconsciously accepting, the decisions that the ‘we’ are making, that we don’t and really never are a part of.

We are however, very curious creatures, and though at times we seem to be going backwards, we are still moving forward. For we created time. We created this commonly accepted reality that as events seem to go backwards, time still moves forward. Thus since we created time, shouldn’t we at least adhere to it? Shouldn’t we conform to mankind’s reality? For aren’t we mankind? Didn’t we, in some way or another create history in ways unimaginable, yet imaginable? For what exactly is reality?

In the world we live in, in the state of our living, in the ‘time’ of our existence, reality is not what is and what is not. Reality is not the human perspective on the world, nor the history we have come to know and accept. For reality in itself is not a tangible branch of science, nor a physical object that we can examine and upturn. Reality lives in your head, for reality is really only a state of mind, for you and only you can decide what is reality and what is not.

Now was that so hard?


No Such Thing as a Broken Person

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A Matter of Perception


“A Matter of Perception” By: Sonja P.

In my imagination, I had seen places like this, yet as I walked around the dimly lit chamber there was a sense of uneasiness. I could faintly hear the rustling of leaves and the songs of crows high above me, but as looked up, there appeared to be only a dim glow resonating these unsettling sounds.

I dared not to speak, as if in fear of waking someone. Wake who? I was not sure, but the impending feeling of being blissfully watched pulled at my core. It was as if I was in a living dream, someplace wonderful, magical and fantastical, but still, in no way have I pictured this place as it lay before me.

The darkness seemed to creep over the stone tiles, only allowing the dim light from above trickle through the gaping holes overhead. You could faintly hear water dripping, trickling down the aged walls and running through my fingertips.

The water smelt fresh as if it was a spring from a nearby lake, but as I tasted the water on my fingertips, it tasted nothing but salt.

Strange. I thought to myself.

I looked around once again, struggling to reimagine what it had always looked like in my mind.

Making a complete circle, nothing seemed to be different. The stone floor was moist and moss padded my bare feet from the icy floor, the walls though seemingly tall and confining, held an odd placement of comfort, and light above trickled, as if light could have been a liquid and was seeping through nature’s core. But something was off.

I reanalyzed all of the overlays and turned around to the dripping water.

The water. I thought.

But as I turned to face the water, there was a tug on my waist, and before I could understand what was going on, I was lifted up, up and up. Passing through the holes and large gapes in the mossy and water sputtered walls.

Following the dappling light, higher and higher I flew until I rose from the broken grounds and into the silver moonlight, gracefully touching my feet on the sweet-smelling grasses.

And as I looked down, I came to recognize my home, with its flowing waterfalls and mossy rocks.

And as I looked down, I came to recognize my home, for it was merely only a matter of perception.

2017!!! Fresh Beginnings


Hello 2017 and goodbye 2016!

It’s been a pretty crazy year, with lots of ups and downs in too many ways imaginable. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and for some, it was one of the least bearable years we’ve had in a while. Nonetheless, 2016 is dead and gone, and now we have a brand new year to look forward to!

I know a lot of people have tried and given up on the idea of new years resolutions, because honestly who keeps up with some unrealistic goal that is highly unlikely to start with. I still find that there is some good in making goals, and though the idea of a ‘new years resolution’ seems a little inconvenient putting good thoughts and wishes forwards is better than expecting the worse. I remember reading the saying somewhere, ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’, because in this crazy world that can be the best advice.

I personally believe and like to think that like a snake shedding old skin or a phoenix burning to ashes only to reborn is very much what the world is feeling as of this moment. I remember reading something on Facebook, a meme or similar sorts saying something like ‘I’m going to stay up till midnight just to watch 2016 die’ and though I find this terribly harsh, I understand the means behind the statement. 2016 was a very rough year. With all the deaths, politics, environment plus many other issues that came up in 2016, it is no wonder why people are burning the old memories and already starting to write the new.

I’m okay with releasing the old and accepting the new, but the only thing I am concerned about is ignorance of our past. We had a rough year on a global scale, not to mention personal struggles each and every one of us had this trying year, but we have to remember that, yes 2016 wasn’t the ideal year for really anyone, but we need to learn from our mistakes, take action and move forward with this new modified plan.

We as a human species can’t move forward if we continually keep forgetting what the past has already taught of. Though I am one to say that there is never a stepping backwards for time always is in continual motion forwards, it is essential to remember and not only preach but to proceed forward with old lessons and learn from them. For though we may not be going backwards, we are in turn slowing down the duration of how long we can get from point A to point B.

Nonetheless, sometimes humans as a species need’s to be reminded, and sometimes history though not willingly, repeats itself. We as a whole let this happen, but we as a whole can get us out of it too. The human community is a pretty magnificent thing, and we need to remember that anything is possible if we all agree in large if not global communities, and that anything is possible.

So remember 2016 may not have been great, but 2017 will be, just remember to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and 2017 will hopefully be bigger and better than any year we’ve seen in a while.

Happy New Year!


Sonja P.