2017!!! Fresh Beginnings


Hello 2017 and goodbye 2016!

It’s been a pretty crazy year, with lots of ups and downs in too many ways imaginable. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and for some, it was one of the least bearable years we’ve had in a while. Nonetheless, 2016 is dead and gone, and now we have a brand new year to look forward to!

I know a lot of people have tried and given up on the idea of new years resolutions, because honestly who keeps up with some unrealistic goal that is highly unlikely to start with. I still find that there is some good in making goals, and though the idea of a ‘new years resolution’ seems a little inconvenient putting good thoughts and wishes forwards is better than expecting the worse. I remember reading the saying somewhere, ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’, because in this crazy world that can be the best advice.

I personally believe and like to think that like a snake shedding old skin or a phoenix burning to ashes only to reborn is very much what the world is feeling as of this moment. I remember reading something on Facebook, a meme or similar sorts saying something like ‘I’m going to stay up till midnight just to watch 2016 die’ and though I find this terribly harsh, I understand the means behind the statement. 2016 was a very rough year. With all the deaths, politics, environment plus many other issues that came up in 2016, it is no wonder why people are burning the old memories and already starting to write the new.

I’m okay with releasing the old and accepting the new, but the only thing I am concerned about is ignorance of our past. We had a rough year on a global scale, not to mention personal struggles each and every one of us had this trying year, but we have to remember that, yes 2016 wasn’t the ideal year for really anyone, but we need to learn from our mistakes, take action and move forward with this new modified plan.

We as a human species can’t move forward if we continually keep forgetting what the past has already taught of. Though I am one to say that there is never a stepping backwards for time always is in continual motion forwards, it is essential to remember and not only preach but to proceed forward with old lessons and learn from them. For though we may not be going backwards, we are in turn slowing down the duration of how long we can get from point A to point B.

Nonetheless, sometimes humans as a species need’s to be reminded, and sometimes history though not willingly, repeats itself. We as a whole let this happen, but we as a whole can get us out of it too. The human community is a pretty magnificent thing, and we need to remember that anything is possible if we all agree in large if not global communities, and that anything is possible.

So remember 2016 may not have been great, but 2017 will be, just remember to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and 2017 will hopefully be bigger and better than any year we’ve seen in a while.

Happy New Year!


Sonja P.


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