In Loving Memory


There is a reason why both birds and angels have wings.

Hello Everyone,

Today’s post will be dedicated to my passed budgie parrot, Moby and everything he had shown me about love, happiness, and grief.

It has come to my recent attention that not all good things last forever. Though I have always been aware of this saying and moral of speech it has never quite hit home like it has until several days ago.

Everyone has had a beloved pet at some moment or place in time, either that being the neighborhood cat or your own dog, horse or fellow exotic. We, as human beings have an innate desire to be and feel loved and to have that love returned unconditionally, something that our animal companions seem to excel at in these kinds of positions. It is quite baffling from a pet owners mind when another speaks of animals lack of compassion and lack of intelligence. I suppose some animals have mightier brain power than others, there is no doubt that all animals love unconditionally, and feel that love and joy of any human that has ever lived.

So as we watch our pets go, as we lose them to the spiritual world, it creates a sense of grief and turmoil in the survivor’s mentality. This can be seen most definitely in people as well as in animals, where some species that mate for life actually die months if not weeks later out of what can only be seen as grief and loss.

Looking at the human perspective loss is a natural process. Life and death come naturally in this world and it always seems that as one door closes another door opens, however, this never eases the soul of the missing and lost loved one. Specifically, if you feel that you could have done more, loved more, lived more, but until the moment you realize it is their time to go it is too late.

Grief is not a fun emotion however, it is necessary for the ongoing process of living and continuing with life. Loss is in no doubt extremely difficult and can take months if not years for the soul to feel ready to move on.

It has come to my attention that my beloved pet has passed, and though I had given him a good life, I always wonder what I could have done for him if I was more attentive, spent more time with him and so forth. Nonetheless, he had a good life and that is what is the most important. Your beloved pet would want you to be happy, and not want to be sad in every waking memory of all the times you did share. For your pet did love you, and you, though you sometimes would not admit loved your pet dearly and love will forever be with you, and they will always be with you. Whether you decide to hold onto a keepsake in their loving memories or to simply remember the pictures and memories, they are all acceptable and reasonable ways to mourn a loved one’s death.

So in loving memory of Moby P., I’d like to say you have always been loved, you have been my sunshine on the stormy days and that you will never be forgotten.

Lots of love,

Sonja P.


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