My Theory of; We die at 25 but Buried at 75


“We are told that the world hardens us, but in reality, the world only tires us.” ~Sonja Peters

Hi Everyone,

Just out of curiosity, have you ever been told that the world hardens us, makes us cold, or really any kind of that? I know that in my personal life I have heard these phrases in addition to hearing comments such as ‘the average person dies at 25 but only gets buried at 75’ by Benjamin Franklin and similar sayings. This leads me to the question of what hardens a person to the point where they die really before their death?

I’m still fairly young so I cannot speak from a long-lived elder’s point of view, but from almost two decades on this planet, I think it is safe to say that I have formulated my own opinions as well as, ideas on certain aspects, beliefs, and systems, this idea in particular.

If we look at the human lifespan, the average life expectancy is about 75 and this number has been slowly rising thanks to the medical care and health advances. Nonetheless, if we look at the stages of life we have, in the following order of title then time span of that life stage it is; infant (0-2), toddler (2-4), child (5-9), adolescent (10-13), teenager (13-19), young adult (18-24), adult (25-65), and senior (65+). Now if we look at the time each human stage (Reminder that some time frames overlap and this is just a generalization) we can see that our entire childhood or growth into adulthood takes about 25 years, give or take a couple of years. That’s 25 entire years of your life, out of supposedly 75 years, when 35 years you are supposed to be adulting, then retirement of 15 years. So if the saying is that most people ‘die’ at 25 then what is exactly happening?

So if the saying is that most people ‘die’ at 25 then what is exactly happening?

This is my theory:

We don’t die. We just get more tired.

Okay, you may be thinking that being ‘tired’ and to ‘die’ at age 25 basically mean the same thing, and you’re right, they basically mean the same thing. If you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember that I am a spectrum kind of gal. So technically they are the same, but they are also not.

Let me explain.

Approximately during the 0-9 stages, being an infant, toddler and child life is pretty much, more or less fun, (more so in the earlier years), where you are really just learning the building blocks about how to function as a human, both physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the stage where you just learn to be a functioning human, maybe you do some math in school but in the natural world, this period would be the time where you learn basic survival skills.

Ages 10-24 are the okay you’ve learned basic life skills, now we’re going to make you sexually viable and this is when the average person goes through puberty, identity recognition, fitting in, and navigating the social and political world that we have casually found ourselves in, or what I like to call, the quarter life crisis. The basic goal at this stage is by the time you’re done you can be an independent human who can survive on their own in the wild and then natural selection does its thing. Then afterward you would ‘survive’, reproduce and then pass on at the ripe old age of about 35, (if you make it that long)

Seriously. This is what was supposed to happen.

But wait! I see a flaw in this plan! How long do we actually live? Well, we now live until about 75. That’s 40 more years than what mother nature has originally intended. But guess what!? The basic spawning period stays the same! So it still takes about 25 years to be ready to actually adult, but instead of 10 years to family it up, we are given 40 extra years!

So long story short, with these extra years, we are forced to prepare for an additional 40 years of life which must include schooling, career advances and the biggest of them all; money, or the economic system. So in these basic 25 years to get ready for basic life survival we now have to add all this additional learning, knowledge, decisions, and most importantly stress and anxiety that was, though there before, has increased in levels when in reality during that time you were supposed to learn the basic life skills and prepare for reproduction and survival. Thus by the time you are 25, you don’t technically feel like you have ‘died’ because when you are 25, there is always still a little hope, still a little wonder and happiness, but there is also, now a lot of stress, anxiety, and fatigue, for you have worked harder in those 25 years than nature really intended. So you are not dead, you are just tired. But don’t worry

So you are not dead, you are just tired. But don’t worry, sometimes you just need some cold hose water in the face and you’ll wake up, and by this I mean; that you can always get some rest when you are tired. Sleep relax, have fun and enjoy life, because if your adult years seemed expanded over time, why can’t your kid years too?

“Life is what you make it, so let’s make it right.”


Sonja P.

p.s. and yes. I did just quote High School Musical. You’re welcome.


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