I Love You Too


“I Love You Too” by Sonja P.


“Inadmissible?” Kelly repeated again.


It was a chilly spring evening, the sun was setting and Kelly had just returned home from a walk with her dog Lily.


“Given the given application and portfolio we regret to inform you that you are inadmissible to the Arts program at our University.” Kelly choked back tears. How could she have had just been denied entry into her most desired school?


It was beautiful outside. The setting sun made picture perfect moments. Kelly and Lily watched the sun start to fade as the swallow swooped and fluttered through the sky. Aerial dancing for the two.


Now in full tears, Kelly read and reread the email. She had been having a rough week, and now this?




Lily lifted one ear and turned her head completely forgetting about the wonderful walk they were just on.


“Why am I inadmissible?”


Kelly was crying now looking at her phone, fully taking in what exactly happened.


“Why are you sad Kelly?” Lily asked.

“Why are you wet on your face again?”


Lily barked and woofed, and now Kelly didn’t know why her dog was so upset with her too. She put down her phone and put her face in her hands crying more evidently.


“Why are you sad Kelly?” Lily asked a few more times.

Lily soon realized that Kelly was hiding from her.

“Why are you hiding Kelly?”



Kelly just kept crying, she had just been denied entry from her most wanted University because of the given application and portfolio.



Lily put her paw on Kelly’s knee, pushing herself off and up into Kelly’s arms kissing the salty water on her face.



Now holding Lily, Kelly cried into Lily’s half muddied fur, hugging her tightly.


After crying for a solid 20 min, Kelly started to loosen her grip on her. With Lily looking up at Kelly and licking her face until it was a watery smile.


“I love you Lily.” Kelly said, squeezing her again as she finally stopped crying.


“Don’t worry Kelly. I love you too.”


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