Clouded Skies


“Clouded Skies” by: Sonja P.


Even on the brightest days, there can be no sun.

Clouded by wisps of unspoken tales, and unforgotten memories,

It is hard to decipher why the clouds hang so low in the sky when you can still see light.

All appears well, fine, for even the onlookers view your world as an ecosystem of an abundance of sunshine, on a cloudy day.


These clouds, appear as only a shift in the mood, and as the winds blow through any given world, change must follow.

But for you, the clouds do not leave, for they have taken permanent residence,

And you are left to soak in the sun, through clouded skies.


There is still light, for you can see the truths, that stretch beyond the skies, and tickle the sun,

But there is also darkness, that shadows my given world, at any speaking moment.


But it is bright out, and to others the shadows of low wisped cotton appear as a much-needed relief from the blazing sun.

But you yearn for the sun.


You yearn for the clouds to be lifted.

For though there is light, this is not an acclamation that darkness is not present.



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