Feeling Deeply vs Ignorance

Throughout my life I have always been someone who has struggled with my emotions. Oddly enough it was never a struggle of showing them, for I was the kind of person who wore their hearts on their sleeves.


My problem was feeling, and feeling too much in a way. Feeling to the point where there are so many emotions that I felt like I just wanted to not feel anything anymore. Feeling emotions to the point where I’d feel nothing. Feeling emotions as if they were articles of clothing rather than simply emotions.

I have always believed that my emotions were a gift, for empathy and sympathy always seemed to be my strong points. A super power, if you may, of being able to comfort and relate on an emotional and spiritual level. But there is something about feeling so deeply that makes myself question at times if this really is a gift at all. It does seem to appear that people who care less are happier. Less care, less worry.

That is where I was a few days ago, after hanging out with a dear friend who deemed oblivious to my internal struggle, the conclusion appeared to be ignorance is key to a happy life…

But it’s not.

Ignorance leads to miscalculations of judgement. Ignorance leads to hate. Ignorance is not the solution to happiness.

So I may feel things deeply, but I am sure there are a lot of you that do as well. Please remember, ignorance is not the key to happiness, sympathy and empathy is, for if you can understand another, you can better understand yourself.


Sonja P.


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