Oh my Goodness, you are here on my site! I can’t even start to explain how ecstatic I am for your arrival! If you’re a writer or lover of all things that can be passionately or creatively understood through any art, especially writing than this is the blog for you.

The idea of this blog is for me, Copper D.W., a.k.a. Sonja P. to share my work in a safe environment. I know you may be thinking ‘Safe? It’s on the internet?’ but either way in my perfect Utopia in my mind of what this site is, just let it be. I’m a writer, a little crazy but with a lot of creativity. This blog is also here for you, where I will be sharing some of your ideas, on a separately filed post system and expansion of your ideas (if requested) if you just give me an email through my Contact page.


Either way, a little bit about myself. I am a creative, crazy, animal loving, plant loving, people tolerating (jk. ok not really), inspirationally inclined, open minded, art loving, music singing, introverted extrovert, wonderful wackado who loves all things and goes into the world with an open mind. I am a person who can express themselves through song and drama and visual art however I only really feel I can ever say what I want to say through writing. I am a tree hugging, nature loving, happy go lucky person with the desire to change the world with one word at a time. Writing is beautiful and I am writing this blog for me, for you and for everyone who wishes to keep an open and creative mind.

We are the creators of the world, and we are here to write.

I hope you will come to love my blog as much as I do!


Yours Truly,

Copper D.W aka, Sonja P. 🙂